Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The most lucky among the unlucky one

went for the last accounting class today. was superb tired and fall asleep when i'm on my way back from chadstone. when i get down from the bus, i realised that i left my wallet on the seat. i was sipektulan&pekchek. i never bring lots of cash with me so not much cash inside my wallet, it's like less than 20 bucks, zone 1 and 2 tickets, debit card, Malaysia ID, Student cards and etc. I don't want either one of them, i want my wallet to be returned. Not an expensive or super branded wallet, just a normal wallet but i got this wallet from chadstone to melbourne central to chadstone because they are out of stocks and it is my favourite wallet among all that i used before.
My staying place is like 2-3 minutes walking distance from the bus station. The very first thing i did was get on to the yellow pages and rang up the bus company. I gave them all the information of the bus that i took, unfortunately the bus driver couldn't get me the wallet maybe it's dark in colour and he hardly notice that if it's now under the chair or something. Uncle Eddie drove me to the bank to cancel my debit card. once again, i sipektulan&pekchek.
When i'm home from the bank, aunty joy smiles implied that she is going to tell me some good news. Well, she told me that the bus company called back and got me the wallet. I was like wow! i don't need to reapply for my student card which i need it for my next week's final. and the bus company will ring me up to pick up my wallet.
Yeah, i am the unlucky one but yet i became a lucky one after a 10-15 minutes.

i'm still waiting for the bus company phone call to get my wallet back.


sheng said...

good luck bro! :)

Chong Wee said...

yesh la. darren finally you update!!!